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      Changzhou xinhua electronics co.,ltd. specializes for design and export all kinds of mini fridge,portable ooler&warmer, drinks and wine coolers, we provide worldwide energy drink and beer solutions ,also auto coolers.
      We have 4 series products, Auto Car cooler for any 12V/24V Veichel; we do have Semi Cooler and Warmer, DC compressor Cooler for traverling cool soulutions ,Dsiplay and Drink cooler, Tabacco Cooler,Wine Cooler We Cooperate with Many big OEM brands, Such as Cocola,Pepsi ,Carlsburg,Becker,Vodka ,we also collaborate with big super electronic shopping malls ,Such as Sonae,Scheider ,Unlod ,Ripley, Wilkinson ect,
      We got CE,GS,TUV,ETL certificates for our products,adn ISO98001-2000 for our factory ,we already establisihed a good reputation on the world market we always insist that Quality is our life, Customer always come first Competition, innovation ,Developing is our Spirit ,Never Give up just Go ahead! OEM and ODM are Welcome ,we try the best to become teh No.1 SUpplier and Famous Bradn in this feild, Trust US and jion in us

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